about dot sneak

dot sneak reduces stealth to its essential elements. You must sneak your way through levels, reaching goals while evading the notice of guards, armed with nothing but your wits. Use cover and your ability to track the guards' patrols from afar!

dot sneak is a browser-based WebGL game! No plug-ins should be needed if you're using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. There is no charge or registration needed to play.


dot sneak is patterned after the top-down Soliton Radar in the popular Metal Gear Solid games. You're the green dot; you need to avoid the red dots, which patrol around the map, in order to get to the goal. If you get spotted, you'll need to shake the guard off your tail quick.

Guards have view cones. These are blocked by walls and obstacles. Normally a guard will keep its gaze fixed forward as it moves, but when it gets to one of its patrol points, it will likely stop and look around.

If a guard catches sight of you, you have a second to get out of sight before it starts shooting! You have no weapons of your own, but if you can lose your pursuit, you'll be able to recover your health.

Guards will investigate areas where they thought they saw a trespasser, or heard something odd.

Named after the communication system in the MGS games, here the Codec is an in-game dialogue which appears without interrupting your game. Your faithful assistant will pop up to fill you in on the mission, give you directions, or give you important news. With a minimal presentation, crisp dialogue and description need to fill in the blanks so your imagination can do the rest.

dot sneak is built with a level editor where you can arrange rooms and exits, place guards, assign routes, set goals... Then you can switch to the plot editor and add triggers such as reaching new areas or setting off an alarm, which can cause dialogues to play over the Codec, trigger previously disabled guards, switch goal markers, or advance to the next level.

While dot sneak draws inspiration from Metal Gear Solid, it can lend itself to all sorts of games that involve sneaking about a map such as a high-technology thief, or a marine trying to escape a wrecked starship in a hostile jungle. Your imagination is your only limit!


In its present state, dot sneak is very much a work in progress. There are a lot of things that still need to be done before it can be called complete... And even then, there are an infinity of things that could be done with the engine, allowing people to do much more with it.

Here's a partial list of planned features!

is dot sneak open source?

I'm sorry, but not yet! I want to redo the code, now that I understand it a bit better. Once it is releasable, I will probably offer a library under either BSD or Creative Commons. If there is specific code you're interested in borrowing, please contact me.

why write dot sneak?

I've always wanted to get into game development, but been frustrated by how to reach out to as many people as possible, with a low barrier to entry. Finally, I settled on HTML5 and WebGL as my platform of choice.

While I can draw, I also wanted to spend very little time on art for my first game projects. I would rather spend my time creating the technology and refining the game design! I decided on a top-down schematic view, because I like the aesthetic, and it would lend itself well to future game designs.

A top-down MGS should be perfect, I thought. This should only take a month or two to implement.

Ha. Five months down the road, I've finally got enough pulled together that I can show off a complete level from start to finish... But as you can see from the 'to-do' list, there's still a lot that could be done, just in terms of putting meat on its bones. Then I'll want to polish it up, develop some real content for it, submit it to the IGF... Well, there's no sense doing a job halfway, right?

Anyway, this is my first real game project, but hopefully not the last. Wish me luck!